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Spark 1 (Torres-Rouff): Session #1 - Welcome

Flesh & Bone: The Forensic Sciences

Getting Started

Welcome Spark students!  To prepare for today's session.

1. Log into the computer (or use your own).

  • Computer account: Library User
  • Password is UCML
  • Open a browser and ensure you are online.

2. Open the Library Guide for this course.

  • It is also linked in the Pages section of your CatCourse.

Learning Outcomes

GOAL: Locate and correctly cite the resources you need for your Current Event Write-Up and Book Review assignments.

Today you will be able to …

  • recognize the suitability of popular source for your specific information need (Current Event Write-Up).
  • use search tools effectively to locate popular sources e.g. news, magazine articles.
  • recognize key components of APA citations.
  • create an APA citation for an online news source.
  • locate a forensic book from the popular press.
  • navigate to research help options in the library.

Today's Session

Outline of Today's Session (3 Feb. 2020)

Part I: Article Suitability

  • group work

Part II: Keywords & Search Strategies

  • video & examples

Part III: Databases & Search Tools

  • volunteers for SmartBoard, try out tools

Part IV: News Article Citation in APA Style

  • APA template
  • what is correct and incorrect from database formatted citations

Part V: Independent Searching

  • locate article
  • format correct citation

Part VI: Locate a book on forensics

  • book parameters & book details
  • locating books (call numbers, Interlibrary Loan) 

Part VII: Independent Searching

  • locate a book
  • ILL as needed

Head, Research Learning Services/Librarian

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Sara Davidson Squibb
Library Office 275D