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Spark 1 (Torres)

Flesh & Bone: Forensic Science

Preparing for Wikipedia Edits

1. Enroll in the Wikipedia Dashboard

  • Once you have your Wikipedia account, enroll by Feb. 9th into our class Dashboard. We meet on Feb. 16th.
    • Visit the Dashboard URL.
    • You will be asked for a passcode.  gkpryucf
    • You have any issues, please contact Sara. |

2. Research Your Forensic Sub-Speciality

  • Find reputable information sources on your forensic sub-speciality.
  • Your research will be used in your Wikipedia edits AND for your larger research poster assignment.

3. Identify a Wikipedia Article to Edit (strong recommendation of C-class or lower)

  • See the Dashboard (or this guide) for suggested articles
  • Login to the Dashboard. Select Articles (top middle).
  • Click grey "Available Articles" button at upper-ish right.

4. Prepare Draft Edits for Your Selected Wikipedia Article

  • Bring your draft edits and resources to our next session. Your goal is to make three substantial edits and add a minimum of two references.


How confident are you that you will be able to locate quality sources about a forensic subspeciality area?
Very confident: 2 votes (12.5%)
Confident: 12 votes (75%)
Somewhat confident: 1 votes (6.25%)
Not really confident: 1 votes (6.25%)
Total Votes: 16