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Using RefWorks to Build an Annotated Bibliography

Add Annotations to Abstract Fields

To create an annotated bibliography in RefWorks in APA style, follow these instructions.

Overall: Add an annotation to each citation you intend to use in your annotated bibliography.

1. Highlight / select a citation and click on the pencil icon at the far right panel.

2. Locate the Abstract field.

Edit Citation with Pencil Icon - Screenshot from RefWorks

3. Type in your annotation. Remember that an annotation is NOT an abstract or a summary. However, the Abstract field is what you will use in RefWorks.

Add annotation to the Abstract field - screenshot from RefWorks

4. After you have annotated your citation, click Save at the upper right of the editing panel.

5. As desired, proceed to add annotations to your other citations.

Generate the Reference List

6. Select the items you wish to appear in your Reference List.  If you are in a folder with those items, they will be automatically selected.

7. Click the Create Bibliography menu and select Create Bibliography.

Select Create Bibliography in Menu - RefWorks screenshot

8. Search for APA 7th in the search box. Then scroll down and select APA 7th - No Case Changes (No Title Casing), DOI:, Annotated option.

Select APA 7th Annotated Style - RefWorks screenshot

9. Your list of References will display. Citations will be ordered correctly with the annotations included. Click Copy to Clipboard and copy/paste into your Word document.

Reference List with Annotations - RefWorks Screenshot