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Spark 001 (Devrick)

Gaming the System



  • Our primary goal for today is to engage in basic editing on the Wikipedia platform.
  • You will be adding content to your selected article on a game.
Dashboard Recap
  • Visit the Dashboard URL.
  • You will be asked for a passcode.  vnekzdsi


PART I: Review (5 min.)

  • Wikipedia pages

PART II: Dashboard Access & Set-Up (10 min.)

  • Log in
  • Assign Yourself an Article

PART III: Demo Edits to Wikipedia (20 min.)

Personal Page

  • Edits to our User Pages (Sara + all)
  • Edits to a Sandbox Page (Sara)

Wikipedia Article to Edit

  • Edits to a Talk Page (Sara)
  • Edits to a Live Wikipedia Articles (Sara)

PART IV: Edit Wikipedia (1 hour)

  • Make edits to your selected Wikipedia article.
  • Ask questions of librarians.

PART V: Feedback (10 min.)

  • Thoughts on using the Wikipedia platform? Easy? Challenging?
  • Have any of your edits been changed?
  • What do you still have to do?

Prepared Edits (Sara)

Salmon Arm Wikipedia article


EXISTING TEXT: There is also the annual Shuswap International Writers' Festival which takes place in May.[citation needed]

SARA'S REVISION: There is also an annual Word on the Lake Writers’ Festival organized by the Shuswap Association of Writers (SAW). For 17 years it was held at the Prestige Inn in Salmon Arm though its 2022 venue will be located in Sorrento.