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Sociology 15 (Vang): Pre-Activities

Pre-Session Instructions

In preparation for our in-person library session, please complete the following. 

1) View the Sociological Abstracts video (2:30) for some context about the database.  

3) View the "From Idea to Library" video (2:28).  Think about the questions asked.

We will start our session with a review of what you have learned.

Sociological Abstracts Video Tutorial

This video presents an Introduction to using Sociological Abstracts. Created by Utah State University Libraries (2.30)

Introduction: From Idea to Library

North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries, 2:28

  1. How long can it task for an article to accepted for publication?
  2. How do libraries provide researchers with access to scholarly journal articles?
  3. What tools help researchers locate specific journal articles?
  4. Do databases always include full-text? 

VPN Confirmation

The VPN allows you to connect to the library's online databases, journals, articles and eBooks from off campus. See UC Merced VPN Installation Instructions (all devices) for instructions. Problems with installing or connecting?