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Public Health 100 (Ha): Creating a Mendeley Account

Introduction to Epidemiology

Mendeley Fast Facts

Mendeley is a free citation manager that can read, organize, & cite all of your sources. It also has tools to help you connect to other researchers; store, share, & cite datasets; & search for STEM jobs. It is available through major web browsers; as a standalone program compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux; and as an Android or iOS app. With Mendeley, you can:

  • Create an account to organize & sort your sources, annotate documents, & cite as you write.
  • Use the Citation Plugin with Word, including Word for Mac & LibreOffice
  • Create citations in 1,000+ citation styles
  • Use the Web Importer, which is available for all major web browsers, to import papers, webpages, & other documents from websites & databases
  • Easily sync web & desktop versions
  • Store up to 2GB of documents for free

Create an Account from the Mendeley Website

Install the Word Plugin from the Desktop App

  • Make sure your Word application is closed
  • Open the Mendeley Desktop application

  • Select Tools
  • Select Install MS Word Plugin

Install the Web Importer from the Desktop App

  • Open the Mendeley Desktop application

  • Select Tools
  • Select Install Web Importer

  • Select your web browser
  • Follow the instructions

  • Locate the Mendeley extension icon. (This example utilizes Firefox.)

Download the Desktop App

When you initially create your Mendeley account, you will be prompted to download the desktop application.

There are options for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

If the button to download doesn't appear:

  • Select the drop-down menu to the right of your name
  • Select Download Mendeley
  • Follow the instructions