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Library Tour: Information for Writing Faculty

Information for Writing Faculty

Independent Tour:

The UC Merced Library offers an independent Library Tour on mobile devices to introduce Writing 1 and Writing 10 students to the library.

Students can check out an iPad Mini at the 2nd floor Library Services Desk. They can also use their own mobile device to access the Tour by using either the Tour QR code, or the Tour URL, which is:

Students will be prompted to enter an email address at the end of the tour, and their results will be sent to this email address. It may go to their spam or junk folders, so they should check there first if they don't see it.


Writing Faculty

  • include the Library Tour as a course requirement
  • assign students a due date by which to complete the Library Tour 
  • assign credit for Tour completion



  • may take the tour any time during the semester
  • check-out an iPad mini from the Library Services Desk OR use their own mobile devices to access the Tour
  • complete all Tour questions and enter an email address for results
  • receive email confirmation of survey assignment completion

Why the Tour?

Librarians have implemented library instruction via a tour for incoming Writing students because

  • the content is well-suited for a self-paced independent tour, for example, students learn about the space while navigating the space
  • it is an an active form of instruction using mobile devices
  • it clearly distinguishes an introductory form of library instruction from future library research instruction sessions
  • it provides a common, consistent message for incoming freshmen
  • it is a scalable format for introducing students to the library space, services, and resources


Library Staff

  • monitor tour 
  • assist students and faculty as needed
  • gather assessment data and report findings

Tour Content

For more details about tour content, visit the tour directly or access the overview document below.

Download Student Assignment Results

Students' tour results will be emailed to them upon completion of the tour. Students will need to enter their email addresses at the end of the tour to receive results.



Note: Since students need to demonstrate their understanding of Library services and spaces in order to complete the Tour, the survey assignment asks them to reflect on what they learned. Successful completion of each question will result in full credit.


If you are experiencing any difficulties with download, please contact Sara (, Elizabeth (, or send to our library email contact (