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Library Research DIY

Discover how to start your academic research with this guided tutorial.


By completing this module, you will be able to,

  • generate keywords from your research question.
  • combine keywords and search strategies to locate the best resources for your research in library databases.
  • anticipate how different search strategies will affect your search results. 

Let's get started! 

Library databases interpret keyword searches differently than Google, and require some forethought before you jump in and start your research. These few minutes of upfront planning will save you time in the long run and you will find that carefully planning your search will result in more relevant database results.

Plan your search by considering:

  1. what are the best keywords or search terms to use in order to locate resources related to my research question?
  2. what search strategies will help make my search more effective?

puzzle pieces with the words, think, plan, act

Image by Shahid Abdullah from Pixabay

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