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Information Literacy Instruction

highlights library instruction sessions and resources for increasing students' information literacy

Information Literacy for Writing 10

FY 2019-2020


This independent audio-visual tour introduces students to the library's space, services and resources.  It is intended for incoming students to gain familiarity with the library.  We recommend having students take the tour early in the semester. 

2. IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION (with pre-activities)

Library instruction for Writing 10 classes in 2019-2020 has a refined focus.  In-person library sessions will involve translating a research question into a search strategy with additional time for student searching. To accomplish this, librarians will coordinate with MWP faculty to have their students complete the following work prior to the library session.


Workshop for MWP Faculty  - Working with Students on Developing Research Questions

  • Librarians will offer a 1-hour workshop on developing research questions.  This will be based on materials from Teaching Research and Information Literacy (TRAIL).  See event details for Thursday, August 29th

Spring 2020 - Pilot

  • In spring 2020, we would like to pilot two 50 - 60 minute sessions with interested MWP faculty.  In fall 2019, we will continue to offer 1 hour 50 minute sessions for Writing 10 sections. 

Requesting In-Person Instruction

  • In-person instruction sessions for Writing 10 can be requested at our Instruction Form.  Please take the Writing 10 pre-work into consideration when requesting a session date.


TRAIL is a collaborative project with the Merritt Writing Program (MWP) to embed information literacy into Writing 10 curriculum.  Through the activities, readings, and independent tutorials, students discover how to "think like a researcher".  Writing faculty introduce students to information literacy concepts prior to students' in-person library instruction session.  Materials are available for all instructors to use. 

View TRAIL outcomes and materials at Think Like a Researcher.

Contact Sara (, Elizabeth (, or Elizabeth ( for more details.