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History 191 (Malloy): Welcome

History Capstone Seminar

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Each of you has a sticky note with a number on it that corresponds to the row you will be filling out on this spreadsheet. Type your current research question into your row in Column A.

Guide URL

It's also in CatCourses on a page called Library Research Guide.


Since you have already started your research, we'll base the class based on the top couple of things that you may be struggling with or want to learn more about.

Articulating my research question: 5 votes (9.43%)
Identifying keywords: 1 votes (1.89%)
Using subject terms: 2 votes (3.77%)
Incorporating search strategies: 0 votes (0%)
Finding primary sources: 5 votes (9.43%)
Finding journal articles: 2 votes (3.77%)
Finding items based on a citation: 0 votes (0%)
Selecting an appropriate database: 0 votes (0%)
Setting up a RefWorks account: 0 votes (0%)
Something else (we can discuss aloud): 38 votes (71.7%)
Total Votes: 53


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