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History 142R (Smith)

Women & Gender: Latin America


This guide will provide information to support your research endeavors resulting in a research paper of 15-20 pages.

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Locating Sources

eugenics mexico archive

Gathering Keywords; Identify Potential Documents

  • Known Item Searching
  • Example: More than Chattel (Gaspar)

Consider the Language

  •  Mexican Congress of the Child (1921), translate

Subject Headings

  • Text > known item > subject heading
  • keywords to subject headings
    • women AND slaves AND Brazil
    • "women slaves" AND brazil

Clues to Locate Archives

Find a Database (Primary / Secondary Sources)

  • Slavery, Abolition, and Social Justice database
    • Brazil AND slavery AND women
  • U.S. Major Dailies
    • "sinaloa cartel" AND (wife OR women OR family OR mother*

Leverage Larger Search Tools - UC Library Search, HathiTrust, Google Books, Internet Archive

  • HathiTrust  -- (women OR wives OR mothers) AND bracero
  • Internet Archive --The Abolition of Slavery in Brazil, Toplin (primary works on pg. 266 of 399)