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History 100 (Amussen): Pre-Activities

Library Research for The Historian's Craft


Prior to the library session for HIST 100, please complete the following:

1) Watch the "Using Melvyl" video (1:52). This video provides a short tour of Melvyl's new interface which changed in summer 2019.

2) Watch the "Article Networks" video (1:44) for an introduction to how articles are connected to other articles.  In the session, we will look at other ways in which you can leverage backward and forward networks in articles and books.

3) Sign up for a Zotero account and download the Zotero client.  In class, we will each be adding information to our individual Zotero accounts and trying out its functionality.

Using Melvyl

Use Melvyl to find eBooks, print books, as well as articles and other materials (UC Merced Library, 1:58).

Article Networks

Discover how articles are connected to each other. Use this information to save time when you research.  (1:44)

Setting Up Zotero

Zotero is a citation management tool that not only allows you to store citations but also allows you to format/insert those citations as you write.  This tool is well suited for project where your citation style requires footnotes or endnotes.

Signup for a Zotero account and download the client to your computer.  You will also add a Zotero Connector to your preferred browser. We will primarily use the client version in class.

See the Download/Install Zotero box on this guide.

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