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GIS Lab at SpARC (Spatial Analysis and Research Center): Home

Provides general information about the UC Merced GIS Lab


On-site campus GIS CLOSED until further notice

For GIS support questions, please contact


General Lab Info


Closed Holidays       


Director:  Erin MutchBook Appointment

Request technical support here

GIS Specialist

ArcGIS Online Accounts and Software Downloads

All UC Merced students and faculty may acquire an ArcGIS Online account through the UC and download ArcGIS Pro software for free via Single Sign-On.   (Software runs on Windows OS only)

For AGOL instructions:  CLICK HERE

For ArcGIS Pro Instructions: CLICK HERE

Public ArcGIS Online accounts do not provide the same functionality as a UC account, and migrating existing work from a public account to a UC account is currently not supported.

For information about ArcMap:  CLICK HERE

A GIS Story Map - The Power Behind the Map in the 21st Century  -- Created by ESRI

StoryMap Builder -- Tutorial

Why You Should Switch to ArcGIS Pro

  • The interface is better organized and easier to use (once you get used to it).
  • You can have multiple layouts in one map.
  • It is easier to share maps online with Pro because it is synced directly to AGOL.
  • New geoprocessing tools are available only in ArcGIS Pro.
  • Work with views of 2D maps, 3D scenes, and tables at the same time and sync them so changes in one are reflected in the others.
  • It’s free!
  • Most importantly:  New functionality will continually be added to Pro - NOT TO ARCMAP.
  • More information here

Software Guides and Tutorials

ArcGIS Pro Essential Training - Start Here!  Click on "Sign in with organizational portal", and enter "", then search the LinkedIn Learning site for ArcGIS Pro.

ESRI ArcGIS Pro Tutorials

Create Tiled Raster for Upload to AGOL

Georeference a Scanned Map

AGOL Quick Start Guide - We are currently updating this tutorial.

Where to Find Data

Geographic data contain longitudes and latitudes, allowing features to be drawn on a map.  Attribute Data are the information you want to communicate in your map. The following links provide geographic and/or attribute data of all kinds: