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Writing 10 (Kennedy): What is a Database?

Why Use a Database?

  1. What is a database?
  2. What are other examples of databases we use?
  3. What are some characteristics of databases?
  4. How are databases we use in our personal lives similar to or different from library databases?

Sample: Academic Search Complete


Why search in library databases?

The deep web includes databases you can only access with permission (like the databases you can access as a student at UC Merced) and fee-based websites. This video explores why you may want to use them. (Length: ~2:31)


  1. What are the benefits and drawback of searching in the deep web?
  2. What are some searches that may require you to use the deep web?
  3. What are some searches you may be able to answer without the deep web?



  1. What are the benefits of searching in Google?
  2. What are the drawbacks of searching in Google? Have you ever encountered difficulties?


Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows you to search for scholarly articles, patents, legal documents, theses, and more. Search Google Scholar to access many journal articles made available to you by the UC Merced Library.