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Sociology 15 (Erin): Known Items & Incomplete Citations

Research Methods in Sociology

Find a Known Item

1) Find an Article

Search in Google Scholar.  Though this is not comprehensive, it will often bring up specific article titles.  The UCeLinks option is found under MORE for most citations.

2) Find a Journal

Look for a journal title in the e-Journals tab.

  • Type in the journal name.
  • Determine if UC Merced subscribes to it for the year(s) you need.

3) Find a Journal or Article

Search for the journal title or an article title in Melvyl.

  • On the results page, click the title for the item you need.
  • Use the UC-eLinks button to find/navigate to the full text.


Examples: How would we go about finding these?

Sample Citation 1: 

Sridawruang, C., Pfeil, M., & Crozier, K. (December 01, 2010). Why Thai parents do not discuss sex with their children: a qualitative study. Nursing & Health Sciences, 12, 4, 437-443.

Sample Citation 2:

Thurber, C. A., & Walton, E. A. (January 01, 2012). Homesickness and adjustment in university students. Journal of American College Health : J of Ach, 60, 5, 415-9.


Incomplete Information