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Sociology 15 (Erin): Peer Review

Research Methods in Sociology

Explanation of Peer Review

Scholarly Articles are usually Peer Reviewed

Original Research Article Example

Original research articles are based on an experiment or study.  The authors will report the purpose of the study, the research methodology, and results. This is a familiar structure for original research articles > IMRAD: introduction, methods, results, and discussion.

Example: A deficit in the ability to form new human memories without sleep

Example: The expression of scavenger receptor B2 in enterovirus 71-infected mice 

Scholarly Articles / Peer Reviewed

Many databases include functionality that will allow you to narrow results to peer reviewed journal articles. For more information on peer review or determining if a journal is peer reviewed, visit these sites.

Scholarly Articles - Key Article Types

scholarly articles

Review Article Example

Review articles summarize or synthesize content from earlier published research and are useful for surveying the literature on a specific research area.  Review articles can lead you to original research articles.

Example: The relationships between memory systems and sleep stages

Example: Pedestrian pathway characteristics and their implications on wheelchair users