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Writing 116 (Memmott): Incomplete Information

Strategies for Locating Articles - with Incomplete Information


Sometimes you may be trying to find an article but you have incomplete information.  For instance, you don't know the year, author, or exact title.  See News items below that refer to journal articles but that don't actually give us the full citation.

Strategies - for Finding Incomplete Citations

Look for specific information such as author(s), journal in which the study was published, date of publication, unique words to describe the subject area.

  • If the journal name is given, use the eJournal finder to locate the journal. 
    • Note: This will only locate journals to which the UC Merced Library subscribes.
  • If the author and/or other topic information is given, trying searching a database using those terms. e.g. Google Scholar, UC Library Search(catalog), or Web of Science.

Catching a Natural Killer in the Act"


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Same face different person