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Writing 114 (Mele): Developing your Research Question

Environmental Writing

Building Your Knowledge


  1. What happens to Bob's "research question" as he talks to people at the party?
  2. What are some ways you might explore the conversations surrounding your topic? 

Background Resources

Concept Mapping Tools

Topic / Research Question

think about your topic - chart

Developing your Research Question with Concept Mapping

Concept Map Activity

  1. Write your topic or research question in the circle.
  2. In the green rectangles, write a question related to your topic. Avoid Yes or No questions.
    • What questions will you need to answer to find information about your topic? 
    • Are there questions that address the different aspects of your topic? 
  3. In the orange rectangles, list keywords, synonyms and related terms related to the question.
    • What are the main concepts of the question? 
    • What words can you use to search for information related to those main concepts? 

Mapping Example