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Writing 101 (Danielson): Popular Articles

Writing in the Disciplines: Psychology

Different Types of Popular & Scholarly Articles

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Examples of Popular Publications

Click on the images to check out the websites for these publications. Not all of the content is free.

Definitions of Popular Articles

general interest article

Some popular sources may focus on serious topics written by either experts or journalists. Articles from these print and online magazine and newspaper sources are called popular because they are aimed at the general population. These tend to be shorter articles which don't include bibliographies. This doesn't make them "bad," but should be used sparingly in evidence-based research papers. They may be very helpful to explore topics.

trade article

contains practical information focused on news, trends, or practices aimed at professionals in a specific field or industry experts in a given field. While this type of article is written a bit more formally and may contain some citations, it is still considered a popular article.

sensational article

These type of articles are those found in print and online propaganda and gossip magazines and newspapers. They are aimed at gullible audiences and appeal to superstitions and prejudice, often using inflammatory language.