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Writing 105 (Downey): Google

Grammar & Style



How Google Search Works

Matt Cutts from Google explains how search works (3:15).

Overview & Examples

For some of your topics, doing a search on Google will be beneficial. Many colleges, universities, and academic libraries have topical guides that can help students with genre-specific writing. You might also find blogs or websites devoted to genre-specific writing.

For example:

Search Strategies

Here is a way you can search for content from websites that end with .edu. You can do the same with any domain, such as .gov, .mil, .com, .org, etc.

(write or writing) AND resume*

Here is a way you can search for research guides from university and college libraries. LibGuides is a popular platform for building online research guides. The guide for your class, for example, was made using LibGuides.

(write or writing) AND resume* AND libguides

It might be helpful to do searches with the phrase "best practices," too.

(write or writing) AND "social media" AND "best practices"