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Student Assistants Research 101: Practice

Fun Cat

Practice Reference Questions

  • Where do you have newspapers? 

  • [Patron on the phone] I want this article but I can't download it: Thermally Stratified Pools and Their Use by Steelhead in Northern California Streams by Nielsen; T E Lisle; V Ozak Publication: Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 123, no.4, (1994): 613 "

  • Do you have this book? Library collection development policies : academic, public, and special libraries

  • Do you have any ebooks on clean energy?

  • I'm writing a paper on gender representation in the media and need 10 sources. Can you help?

  • Do you have any databases in Spanish?

  • I'm writing a paper on how different parenting styles influence language and social development. Where should I look to find articles?

  • How do I cite this article? "Association between social media use and depression among U.S. young adults by Lin and Sidani"