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Library Tour: Take the Tour With Your Own Device

Take the Library Tour on Your Own Device

If you have a smart phone or other mobile device with internet access, you can take the Library video tour by scanning a QR code or typing the URL into your browser. 

  • Many smartphones come with a QR code reader already installed. If your phone doesn't have one, go to your app store and download one for free.
  • We recommend QuickMark, QR Code Reader,  OptiScan, Qrafter, or Bakodo but there are others to choose from.
  • Once the QR code reader is installed, launch the application and position your phone camera so that it points to the QR code. 
  • Your phone will read it automatically.
  • The QR code is linked to the Library tour.
  • See video in the box on the right for more information on QR Codes


The Tour URL is


QR Codes Explained