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Writing 100 (Zanzucchi): #2 Database Choice

Challenge #2

Should I be searching in a database related to writing and communication, or to a database in my subject field, or both?

Topic: What are the communication topics in the field of dentistry?

Where should I focus my search efforts?


Take advantage of databases.  They are searching multiple sources through one interface.

Remember that databases may index the same journal sources.  However, they may also have unique content.

Databases focused on education are likely to index journals in education and various fields (subject areas) related to education.

However, subject databases may lead you to unique resources.  Large databases such as Web of Science and Scopus are worth searching too.

Curious where a certain journal may be indexed?  Check out the librarian favorite UlrichsWeb Global Series Directory to discover where a specific journal may be indexed.  E.g. Try Journal of the Writing Research.


Index: a place that directs or points to the location of a word, phrase, citation etc.

Activity - Challenge #2

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