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Writing 100 (Zanzucchi): #1 Topics & Terms

Challenge #1

My topic does not have unique terminology.

My area of interest needs to be refined.

In short, how do I move from this topic to possible search terms?


Clarify your research intent.

  • Topic of interest: "communicating in business fields"
  • Clarify: "How can businesses connect with customers through social media tools?"

Reword your research question.

  • Topic of Interest: "Teaching practices and how they are apparent in students rather than the faculty."
  • Reword: "How effective are students in teaching their own peers?"

Seek out subject terms through a search.

  • What terms are used to capture your concepts?
  • Conduct a search. See what the search tool offers for ideas.
  • e.g. teaching AND peers in Education Source, possible Subject = peer teaching

Use a Thesaurus. Find out the terminology (controlled vocabulary) and related terms. e.g. SU Exposition (Rhetoric), Communication in Science

Activity - Challenge #1

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