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Public Health 113 (Gonzalez): Research Tutorials

Latino and Immigrant Health

Tutorial Instructions

module titles of tutorial series

What do I need to know?

Join a Class

If you are taking this tutorial series for a class, join that class.

  • Visit the Research Process Tutorial – UC Merced Courses page
  • Log in using CAS (blue button near bottom).
  • You will be prompted to sign in with your UCMnetID -- unless you are already signed in.
  • Start to locate your class using the drop down menus (four boxes) and click Search.
  • Once you find the correct class and section, click on the Join Course link. e.g. Join WRI-010-09
  • You will be asked if you are sure you want to join.  If so, click Join.
  • You will receive confirmation in green text that you are now a member of that class.
  • This will allow your instructor to see your participation and scores in the tutorial series.


  • Your login for taking the quizzes is your UCMnetID.  If you are already logged into another application such as the UC Merced portal, you may discover that you will not be prompted to login for the quiz but will be taken directly to it.

What is CAS?

  • CAS stands for Central Authentication Services and is referred to as single sign-on.  At UC Merced, your UCMnetID will allow you to to sign on to various systems.

About Quizzes

  • For each quiz, you have one attempt.  Quizzes range in length from 2 to 6 questions. 

Quiz Results

  • You can return to view your quiz results using the My Quiz Results link found at the bottom of each tutorial page.

 Starting a Quiz

  • When you review a tutorial section, you will be prompted to take a pre-quiz early in the section and a post-quiz at the end of that section.
  • You can also start a quiz from the Research Process Tutorial – UC Merced Courses page
  • On that page, visit the left hand column to obtain links to each quiz.

Find Information; Understand the Information Cycle

books image

module titles of tutorial series

Begin Research icon green light

Section 1: Begin Research

Learn more about understanding your assignment and choosing a suitable topic. Then you can select appropriate keywords to search.
Running Time: ~8:30

knowledge cycle icon - arrows

Section 2: Knowledge Cycle

Become familiar with the information cycle and the purpose of various information sources. Understand how different disciplines define primary, secondary, and tertiary sources.
Running Time: ~11:00

Find Books icon

Section 3: Find Books

Discover why books can be valuable sources and learn where to search for them.
Running Time: ~8:00

Find articles icon

Section 4: Find Articles

Find out how to locate articles from newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals in library databases.
Running Time: ~8:00

Make Citations icon - pencile

Section 5: Make Citations 

Discover why accurate citations are important and identify information required for any citation style.
Running Time: ~8:00

Basic search icon - magnifying glass

Section 6: Basic Search

Start a search and improve your search results by incorporating useful strategies.
Running Time: ~17:30

Advanced search icon - binoculars

Section 7: Advanced Search

Increase your search skills by incorporating subject searching, limiting by specific fields, and exploring additional databases.
Running Time: ~12:00