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UCM Library Annual Assessment Plan & Report 2013-2014

Goal F

The library will serve as the campus clearinghouse for digital curation to promote discoverability and access of research assets over the long-term.


1) Library will work with the Office of Research to review all data management plans for projects funded by federal agencies with data management requirements in place for any necessary follow-up action.

2) Library will review and consult on data management plans for all proposals to funding agencies with data management requirements in place.

3) Library will provide support for 2-3 projects to curate/archive research assets that are determined to be of value to the university.


Outcome F1:
Support UC Merced researchers in addressing and fulfilling the data management requirements of funders and in meeting preservation and access needs.

Outcome F2:
Foster a culture of good data management practices on campus to increase researchers’ effectiveness and to promote long-term access and discoverability of scholarly output.