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UCM Library Annual Assessment Plan & Report 2013-2014

Goal D

The library will provide relevant information resources in support of instruction and research in an environment of rapidly increasing numbers of users and growth of programs.


Measure D1:

Seventy-five percent of students in focus groups will respond that they are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with the library's information resources.

Responsibility: Sara Davidson

Measure D2:

Upon the formation of a committee to advise the library, the University Librarian will work with that committee to get additional faculty input on information resources.

Responsibility: Donald Barclay

Measure D3:

Review 2012 systemwide ILL Customer Satisfaction Survey to establish a baseline for future assessment. 

Responsibility: Eric Scott

Measure D4:

The library will achieve a 95% fill rate for direct requests from faculty to purchase books or DVDs. 

Responsibility: Jim Dooley

Measure D5:

UC Merced Library will be at or above the median for percentage of total budget expended on information resources as compared the other UC Libraries.

Responsibility: Jim Dooley

Measure D6:

Technical service staff will put all physical materials (books, DVDs, etc.) on the shelf and load records into OCLC WorldCat within five working days of receipt. 

Responsibility: Jim Dooley

Measure D7:

For the library's Supplemental Course Resources (SCR), library staff will prioritize and fulfill all requests in order to meet instructional needs in a timely manner. 

Responsibility: Emily Lin

Measure D8:

Co-invest with the California Digital Library in support of open-access publishing by UC Merced faculty and/or graduate students. 

Responsibility: Susan Mikkelsen


Outcome 1:
Provide information resources in any format as appropriate with a preference for resources in electronic form.

Outcome 2:
Maintain commitment to, and investment in, non-ownership-based information-access strategies, such as:

  • Interlibrary loan
  • Supplemental course resources
  • UC systemwide strategies (e.g. UC Shared Print in Place)
  • Regional/national/international strategies (e.g. WEST, HathiTrust)
  • Transformative strategies (e.g. open-access publication)