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UCM Library Annual Assessment Plan & Report 2013-2014

Goal B

The library will sustain—in the face of a growing community of students and faculty—current levels and quality of user communication and instruction services by optimizing our resources, collaborating with partners, leveraging technology, and diversifying our instruction models. 


Measure B1:

90% of the students who received library instruction in a WRI 10 class will refer to the the library (instruction, resources, space, and services) as helping them to complete their academic work. [biennial]

Measure B2:

90% of selected WRI 10 students receiving library instruction will use appropriate resource types for their WRI 10 annotated bibiographies.  [biennial]

Measure B3:

90% of the bibliographies from selected capstone papers will reflect a variety of relevant resources. [biennial]

Measure B4:

80% of  students' writing (capstone completion) about the research process will reflect a highly developed understanding of the research process. [biennial]

Measure B5:

90% of students who respond to a UCCUES question on library research skill will report that their current ability is "good," or "very good," or "excellent." [biennial - even years]

Measure B6:

90% of the students responding to the graduating senior campus survey who received library instruction will "agree" or "strongly agree" with the statement "The library research instruction I received helped me find suitable information resources for my papers and projects." [annual]

Measure B7:

80% of focus group participates will report on two or more communications and explain how these made him/her aware of library services and resources. [biennial]

Measure B8:

65% of graduate students responding to the Graduate Student Survey will report that they frequently use the library. [annual] 

Measure B9:

Graduate student association members will discuss the communications and services offered by the library that have proved most useful to them in the previous year. [annual]

Measure B10:

Of the committee members on the upcoming library advisory committee, 80% will indicate that they have become increasingly aware of available library services and resources.

Measure B11:

85% of graduate students responding to the Graduate Student Survey will report excellent or good quality of experience with the library facilities. 


Outcome B1:

Support and develop scholar's ability to find, use, and manage information in support of their academic needs.
B1-B6, B9

Outcome B2:

Create and target communications to specific academic audiences in order to increase their awareness of library services and resources.