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Anthropology 114 (DeLugan): Find a Known Item

Social Memory

Finding Known Items - Suggestions

If you have a known item, it can be helpful to first determine what the item is e.g. article, book, pamphlet, song, dissertation etc.  At times, this may influence where you look for the item.

1) Melvyl @ UC Merced

  • includes a wide range of formats and goes beyond UC's collection
  • can Request easily from records in this catalog

2) Google Scholar

  • includes many articles and references to books, a quick way to check for article titles though it is not exhaustive
  • includes citations from JSTOR

3) eJournal Finder

  • includes coverage details for periodicals (newspapers, journals, and magazines)

4) HathiTrust Digital Library

  • citations and some full-text, search a large collection of digitized books etc.
  • a Title search is available
  • pre-1923 content available in full-text
  • may end up in HathiTrust from Melvyl @ UC Merced

5) Archives, Government, or Educational Institutions

  • state archives etc. may make materials available, see list of State Archives
  • collections are often in print but increasingly archives are digitizing and making collections available online
  • consider limiting to .edu or .gov in a Google search e.g. Missouri Compromise"
    • may lead you to bibliographies or other citations

6) Look for a databases that targets your topic/date.

  • for example, if looking for government document consider looking at Congressional Publications

Known Items

Try it Out:  Do we have these resources?

1) Harrison, Mark, "The Economics of World War II: Six Great Powers in International Comparison", Cambridge University Press (1998).

2) Armies of the Crusades, T. Wise 1978

3) Western Warfare in the Age of the Crusades, 1000-1300

4) "International Subscontracting and the Production of Athletic Footwear" by R. Barff, J Austen from Environment and Planning A, 1993 volume 25 (8) 1103 – 1114

 5) "Does Monitoring Improve Labor Standards-Lessons from Nike" by RM Lock, F Qin, A Brause from  Industrial and Labor Relations Review Vol 61, No. 1, October 2007 pg. 3-31


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1) Is this title available at/through UC Merced?

2) How did you find out if UC Merced had this title?

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