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UCM Library Annual Assessment Plan 2011-2012

Goal F

The library will investigate digital curation, assess the data management needs of researchers at UC Merced, establish collaborative networks, and build expertise in order to define and develop library services.


Measure F1
The library will examine and compare collection policies and guidelines for research data from peer institutions in order to develop baselines for future assessment.

Responsibility: Emily Lin


Measure F2
Of the electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) submitted by the Graduate Division, 100% of those submitted with signed author agreements will be archived and made accessible according to rights agreement terms.

Responsibility: Emily Lin


Measure F3
Analyze data from 2011 survey of faculty data curation needs in order to develop a baseline for future assessment.

Responsibility: Emily Lin


Measure F4
Conduct follow-up with respondents from 2011 survey who requested more information on data curation services to evaluate current and propose initiatives.

Responsibility: Emily Lin


Outcome F1
Define policies for archiving, delivering access to, and disseminating locally produced research data that are determined to be university assets or of value for future use.

Measures: F1, F2, F3, F4

Outcome F2
Identify and evaluate service offerings available within the UC system (e.g. UC3) or external organizations that may address local needs.

Measures: F1

Outcome F3
Communicate to campus stakeholders regarding identified data curation services such as EZID and pilot/assess usage.

Measures: F4