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UCM Library Annual Assessment Plan 2011-2012

Goal E

The library will maintain a positive work environment for all employees at all levels, providing regular opportunities for both individual and organizational development.


Measure E1
A) UC Merced Library annual spending on staff training/professional development will be maintained at the same level as previous year
B) Annual total hours of participation in staff training/professional development activities will be maintained at least at the level of the previous fiscal year.

Responsibility: Donald Barclay


Measure E2
When surveyed about their satisfaction with the training and professional development opportunities they receive, at least 75% of library staff will report that they are “satisfied” or “highly satisfied.”

Responsibility: Donald Barclay


Measure E3
For 2011-2012, 100% of student employees will receive the following minimum amount of training which will be tracked.

  • 4 hours of classroom training
  • 4 hours of additional individual training
  • 4 hours of coaching per year.


  • complete a post-training assessment
  • complete five Question of the Week assignments.

A 90% attendance and completion rate will be considered successful.

Responsibility: Eric Scott


Measure E4
For 2011-2012, the UC Merced Library will achieve a retention rates among student employees of 85% (excluding students who separate due to graduation, transfer, or by otherwise separating from the university).

Responsibility: Eric Scott


Outcome E1
Recognize staff recruitment, training, and development as key elements in the success of the library.

Measures: E1, E2, E3


Outcome E2
Continue supporting appropriate training and professional development opportunities and funding staff participation in these opportunities.

Measures: E1


Outcome E3
Codify and further develop the student employment "work-life cycle" to include all aspects of the student employee experience from the initial interview to the exit interview and beyond.

Measures: E2, E3