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UCM Library Annual Assessment Plan 2011-2012

Goal C

The library will actively pursue innovative solutions and worthwhile collaborations that increase the usability and accessibility of information resources.


Measure C1
The per-capita use of 24/7 digital reference service by UC Merced students will be above the mean for all UC campuses.

Responsibility: Teal Smith


Measure C2
Eighty percent of UC Merced users who complete the 24/7 digital reference service feedback form will report that they will use the service again.

Responsibility: Teal Smith


Measure C3
The library will analyze verbatim transcripts of 24/7 sessions initiated by UC Merced students. The goal is to use this data for continuous improvement of the library web site and user interfaces based on actual questions from library users.

Responsibility: Teal Smith


Measure C4
The library will conduct usability testing of the library website with new library student assistants looking for any patterns that indicate either success or failure on the part of information seekers. The goal is to use this data for continuous improvement of the web site and user interfaces based on actual use.

Responsibility: Susan Mikkelsen


Measure C5
The library will analyze data gathered by the LibAnswers software to identify repeat questions or any pattern of problems that student encounter when searching for information or using the library. The goal is continuous improvement of the UC Merced Library web site, user interfaces, services, and instruction.

Responsibility: Susan Mikkelsen


Measure C6
The library will gather a random-sample of data concerning the number and complexity of questions asked at the Library’s Help Desk and Service Desk. The library will analyze this data to insure that staffing levels are appropriate based on day of week and time of day.

Responsibility: Mary Weppler-Selear


Measure C7
The library’s Roving Reference student employees collect data on the number of questions they are asked, the location where the questions are asked, the time and day on which the questions are asked, and the complexity of the questions they are asked. The library analyzes this data to ensure that levels of Roving Reference staff are adequate.

Responsibility: Sara Davidson


Outcome C1
Place the highest value on improving the usability and accessibility of information resources, recognizing that achieving this involves both collaboration (with vendors, knowledge institutions, other UC libraries, etc.) as well as work that can be completed locally (e.g. improvements to our web site).

Measures: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7

Outcome C2
Focus on changes to resource access that improve the search and retrieval experience for the largest percentage of our users while offering them extremely relevant and comprehensive results.

Measures: C3, C4, C5

Outcome C3
Develop or acquire solutions that allow users to independently discover and access information resources as part of their course work, research, and service.

Measures: B5, B6 C1, C2, C3, C4, C5

Outcome C4
Provide, when necessary, personal assistance via a triage system that relies heavily on well-trained student employees and, as necessary, career staff.

Measures: C6, C7