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UCM Library Annual Assessment Plan 2011-2012

Goal B

The library will sustain—in the face of a growing community of students and faculty—current levels and quality of user communication and instruction services by optimizing our resources, collaborating with partners, leveraging technology, and diversifying our instruction models.


Measure B1
Provide information-literacy instruction to over 50% of WRI 10 sections in fall 2011 and spring 2012.

Responsibility: Sara Davidson

Measure B2
Fulfill 100% of requests for instruction.

Responsibility: Sara Davidson

Measure B3
At least 70% of incoming freshman students will have taken the iPod Touch tour between the start of fall semester 2011 and the middle of spring semester 2012.

Responsibility: Sara Davidson

Measure B4
Eighty percent of students in WRI 10 who receive library instruction will indicate through their portfolios that library instruction helped them successfully find information for their research papers.

Responsibility: Sara Davidson

Measure B5
Eighty percent of students who take the iPod Touch tour will indicate on the assessment that their knowledge of the library’s space, services, and resources is “good” or “excellent.”

Responsibility: Sara Davidson

Measure B6
Seventy-five percent of the students who complete the iPod Touch tour follow-up assignment will receive scores of “high” or “perfect.”

Responsibility: Sara Davidson

Measure B7
The library will provide information-literacy instruction for a group of undergraduates selected for a summer research program in the School of Natural Sciences. Students will show improvement between a pre- and post-test assessment.

Responsibility: Sara Davidson

Measure B8
Students in focus groups who received instruction from the library or used library guides in their course work will report that these were helpful.

Responsibility: Sara Davidson

Measure B9
Eighty percent of students who respond to UCCUES question on library research skill will report that their current ability level is “good,” “very good,” or “excellent.”

Responsibility: IPA/Sara Davidson

Measure B10
Seventy percent of students taking the graduating senior campus survey will “agree” or “strongly agree” with the statement “The UC Merced Library has supported my academic progress . . . .”

Responsibility: IPA/Sara Davidson

Measure B11
The library will sponsor at least one Open Access Week activity. Eighty percent of those attending an Open Access Week activity will report that their knowledge of open-access publishing alternatives and of the problems facing traditional scholarly publishing have increased.

Responsibility: Susan Mikkelsen

Measure B12
The library will ask questions about customer service and reference service on the UC Merced Graduating Student Survey. Eighty percent of students will indicate that they received good or excellent customer service. Eighty percent will indicate that their research questions were appropriately answered.

Responsibility: IPA/Sara Davidson

Measure B13
Develop a means to automatically gather and report data on use of the UC Libraries Systemwide Tutorial by UC Merced students.

Responsibility: Sara Davidson


Outcome B1

Increase undergraduate student research skills in a sustainable manner through consistent and effective information literacy instruction.

Measures: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10, B11, B12, B13

Outcome B2

Use the iPod Touch tour to provide effective and independent library instruction to incoming freshmen students.

Measures: B3, B5, B6

Outcome B3

Provide library student assistants with the knowledge and skills to provide excellent customer service, including the ability to answer and refer questions.

Measures: E3

Outcome B4

Increase faculty and graduate student awareness of the benefits of the open- access movement and the unsustainable nature of the current scholarly publishing model for academic institutions.

Measures: B11