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Fair Use: Supplemental Course Resources

Best Practices for Academic and Research Libraries

Fair Use and Supplemental Course Resources

The Library’s Supplemental Course Resources Program (SCR) supports faculty in making additional course materials available to students through UCMCROPS. The Library collaborates with faculty to ensure that fair use copyright guidelines are followed while making every effort to fulfill requests. The Library digitizes  materials for faculty and then posts them to UCMCROPS. All items digitized by the Library must be removed at the end of each semester in compliance with fair use copyright best practices.

Fair use best practices also require that evaluation of digitization requests for selections from textbooks. Please be aware that scanning large portions of textbooks is often problematic under fair use guidelines.

To submit a request for the digitization of materials for use in instruction, use the SCR online request form.

For more information about SCR, see our SCR FAQs or email

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