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UCM Library Annual Assessment Plan 2012-2013: Goal D: Info Resources

Goal D

The library will provide relevant information resources in support of instruction and research in an environment of rapidly increasing numbers of users and growth of programs.


Outcome D1:

Provide information resources-both owned and leased-that directly support the current research and instructional needs of the students, staff, and faculty of the university. 

Measures: D1, D2, D4

Outcome D2:

Acquire information resources in any format as appropriate, though with a preference for resources in electronic format. 

Measure: D4, D5, D6

Outcome D3:

Maintain current collection funding priorities:

   1. Materials purchased or licensed at faculty request

   2. All-campus licenses for e-journals, e-books and databases (Tier 1)

   3. Selected less-than-all-campus licenses for e-journals, e-books and databases (Tier 2)

   4. Locally licensed e-books available through patron-driven acquisition plans.

   5. Strategic investments in response to changes in research and publication practices (e.g. open access publishing, digital preservation) 

   6. Purchase of print monographs through an approval plan.

   7. Coverage of areas of emerging interest that may be included in future research and instructional programs.

Measures: D4, D5, D8

Outcome D4:

Maintain commitment to, and investment in, non-ownership-based information-access strategies, such as:

   1. Interlibrary loan

   2. Supplemental course resources

   3. UC systemwide strategies (e.g. UC Shared Print in Place)

   4. Regional/national/international strategies (e.g. WEST, HathiTrust)

   5. Transformative strategies (e.g. open-access publication)

Measures: D3, D7, D8

Outcome D5:

The library will consider accepting gifts of materials that directly support instruction and research when such gifts provide a good return on the investment in funding, staff time, and space required to process and house them.  

Measure: D9


Measure D1:

Seventy-five percent of students in focus groups will respond that they are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with the library's information resources.

Responsibility: Sara Davidson

Measure D2:

The University Librarian will work with the Academic Senate Graduate Research Council Subcommittee on the Library and Information in order to get additional faculty input on information resources.

Responsibility: Donald Barclay

Measure D3:

Review 2012 systemwide ILL Customer Satisfaction Survey to establish a baseline for future assessment. 

Responsibility: Eric Scott

Measure D4:

The library will achieve a 95% fill rate for direct requests from faculty to purchase books or DVDs. 

Responsibility: Jim Dooley

Measure D5:

UC Merced Library will be at or above the median for percentage of total budget expended on information resources as compared the other UC Libraries.

Responsibility: Jim Dooley

Measure D6:

Technical service staff will put all physical materials (books, DVDs, etc.) on the shelf and load records into OCLC WorldCat within five working days of receipt. 

Responsibility: Jim Dooley

Measure D7:

For the library's Supplemental Course Resources (SCR), library staff will prioritize and fulfill all requests in order to meet instructional needs in a timely manner. 

Responsibility: Emily Lin

Measure D8:

Co-invest with the California Digital Library in support of open-access publishing by UC Merced faculty and/or graduate students. 

Responsibility: Susan Mikkelsen

Measure D9

The library will analyze the need and cost/benefits for all major gifts of materials and maintain records for all decisions for accepted and rejected offers.