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English 132 (Hatton): RefWorks

Human Rights and Literature

What is it?

RefWorks is an online tool that helps you manage, store, format, and cite resources used in the research process.


You will need to be on campus or off campus using the VPN to access library resources, including RefWorks.

    If you are asked for a group code, use RWUCMerced.

      If RefWorks doesn't seem to be responding, check if it loaded a new browser page or tab.

        RefWorks tutorials

            Adding References to Your Account

            When you are doing research, you can save relevant resources (books, articles, websites, etc.) to your RefWorks account. There are a few different ways to do so.

            1. Add a reference with a Direct Export
            Many databases have a direct export option. Look for a link that says "export" or "RefWorks."

            2. Manual import from within RefWorks
            Some databases may require a manual import. If you don't see a direct export option in a database, see the links below for instructions.

            3. Search online library catalogs from within RefWorks
            If you have a print book from the library, you can search for it in RefWorks. In RefWorks, go to Search > Online Catalog or Database, then choose from the list either "MELVYL - University of California" (items from UC Merced or other UC campuses) or "UC Merced Library Catalog" (UC Merced items only).

            4. Capture information from the web
            Save webpages to your RefWorks account using RefGrab-It. In RefWorks, see Tools > RefGrab-It.

            5. Add a reference manually
            If all else fails, create a new reference in your account by typing in the necessary information. In RefWorks, go to References > Add New.

            Need more help importing from specific databases? Try these sites.

            Importing from Online Database Vendors
            RefWorks – Import Instructions (University of Massachusetts, Amherst Libraries)

            Creating a Bibliography

            In RefWorks, click the Create Bibliography button toward the top. 

            To create a bibliography only, use the 2nd option Format a Bibliography from a List of References. You can then copy and paste the Works Cited in your paper.

            To format a paper with a bibliography and in-text citations, use the 1st option Format Paper and Bibliography. For this option, you will need to have downloaded a separate tool called Write-N-Cite. To download, go to Tools > Write-N-Cite.

            Organize & Search Your Account

            Create folders in RefWorks to organize your research. Create folders by topic, class, assignment -- whatever makes the most sense to you.

            You can also use the User fields for each reference to further organize your research. Type anything in the User fields that will help you organize your references and find them later e.g. "Spring 2011." To view and edit a reference's User fields, click the edit icon . If in the future you need to see all the references you used this semester, you can search your account for "Spring 2011."

            To search your account, go to Search > Advanced.