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Writing 101 (Toconis): Locating Articles from Citations

Finding a Specific Article

Article Level Strategies

  • Look for the article title in Google Scholar. For full-text, try clicking on the article title or look under >> for UC-eLinks.
  • Look for the article title in UC Library Search. Look for the UC-eLinks button.
  • Look in regular Google. You may be able to find on the web IF someone has posted it.

Journal Level Strategy

  • Look for the journal title in the eJournal finder.  Search for the journal title in the Journals@UCMerced tab on the UC Library Search home page. See if the journal is available. Is the date you need available? If so, drill down to the correct volume and issue number.

Example for Class

Gruber, R., Somerville, G., Bergmame, L., Fontil, L., & Paquin, S. (2016). School-based sleep education program improves sleep and academic performance of school-age children. Sleep Medicine, 21, 93-100.


I found the following citation in an article, and I want to find it to read for my research. Do we have access to the PDF?

Tsai, L.-L., & Li, S.-P. (2004). Sleep education in college: A preliminary study. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 99(3): 837848.

Which method did you use to see if UC Merced has access to the above article?

Google Scholar: 0 votes (0%)
UC Library Search: 0 votes (0%)
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Are you able to access the full-text (PDF) of the article?

Yes: 0 votes (0%)
No: 0 votes (0%)
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