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GIS Center: Large Data Repositories

Information and Resources Offered by the GIS Center at UC Merced.

Large Data Repositories

Large Data Repositories:

     ArcGIS Living Atlas - Curated data from Esri accessible directly from ArcGIS Online or Pro

             Learn how to add American Community Survey data directly to your map from Living Atlas.

     ArcGIS Hub -- Esri's open data hub with > 250,000 data sets from > 5000 organizations

     Natural Earth - worldwide vector and raster data including administrative boundaries and physical features.

     Geospatial Data Gateway (Natural Resources Conservation Service) - Demographic and physical data (raster & vector) by US county.

     UC Berkeley Library Geodata -- Easy to search, vector and raster data's Top 10 Picks for GIS Data online, and 15 sites for Satellite Imagery.