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Spark 1-21 (Ricci) - "Do Africans Speak Spanish?": Citing Sources

A library research guide to the Spark course, "Do Africans Speak Spanish?" taught by Cristián Ricci.

Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction (NCSU)

Citation Formats

Different citation formats are used by different academic disciplines.  Professors will often require a particular format, but if they have no preference these guidelines may be helpful:

  • APA - psychology, education, and other social sciences
  • MLA - literature, arts, and humanities
  • Turabian - designed for college students to use with all subjects
  • Chicago - used with all subjects in the "real world" by books, magazines, newspapers and other non-scholarly publications

Citing Articles in UC Library Search

An article citation might be available in UC Library Search.  This search tool includes basic citing capability.

  • Search for the article.
  • If found, click on the article title.
  • Click on Citation.
  • Click on the citation format needed. (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and Turabian are available.)
  • Copy and paste the citation.
  • Note: There is also a RefWorks export.

Citing articles in databases

To cite an article found in an EBSCOhost database:

  • When you've found an article you want to cite, look to the right side of the screen. You'll see a row of icons. Choose the "Cite" icon. It looks like a page with writing on it.

  • Clicking "Cite" will take you to a menu with article citations in various formats. Scroll down to find the citation format you want, then copy the citation you need to a document.

To cite an article found in a ProQuest database:

  • When you've found an article you want to cite, look to the upper right corner of the webpage. You'll see a "Cite" button.

  • Clicking the "Cite" button will open a small box with a menu from which you can choose the citation in the format you wish. Copy to a document.