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Sociology 290 (Whitt): HathiTrust ETAS

Higher Education in the U.S.


Millions of electronic books are now temporarily available to UC Merced users through the HathiTrust Digital Library’s Emergency Temporary Access Services (HT ETAS).

  1. Visit HathiTrust Digital Library and click the yellow “LOG IN” button.
  2. Select “University of California, Merced” and log in using your UCMNetID.
  3. Search the HathiTrust digital library to locate the item you wish to view.
  4. Click on the Temporary Access link at the bottom of the record to Check Out the item through the Emergency Temporary Access Service.

You can view the materials from anywhere with an internet connection and your UCMnetID sign-on.  No VPN or special setup is required.

This ten-minute video (available via Box or YouTube) demonstrates how to search for and access books available via HT ETAS.

HathiTrust & Access

HathiTrust logo

HathiTrust screenshot with access info

Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks: 

Saving Pages
One of the copyright restrictions placed on HT ETAS is the prohibition against downloading. However, you can download images of individual pages for note-taking and other purposes. How to copy a page will vary depending on the operating system you use, but in general this involves clicking on a page image and saving it to your hard drive as an image.

Flip View
It can be clumsy to go from page to page using the default Scroll Page Scans view. The Flip Page Scans view offers an alternative that makes moving from page to page and reading easier.

Scroll Page Scans
Scroll Page Scans View

Flip Page Scans
Flip Page Scans View