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COVID-19 and Business/Industry Impacts

A review of materials related to COVID-19 and its impact on the economy, nationally and internationally

White papers/Research

Moody's: Coronavirus Effects

In-depth and timely analysis of the effects of COVID-19 on national and global financial markets from Moody's Investors Service, the financial analysis giant.

Morningstar's View: The Impact of Coronavirus on the Economy
A brief overview of the effect of COVID-19 on the national and international economy, with predictions for the future.

Clarivate Analytics' Coronavirus Resources
A collection of reports and white papers examining the various impacts and effects of coronavirus on several sectors. The papers are available for download free of charge, but registration is required.

Gartner: Respond, Manage, and Prepare for the Impact of Coronavirus
Free research, white papers and other resources from a business and industry research powerhouse.


Standard & Poor's Coronavirus page
A collection of white papers, market reports, analyses, blog entries, and more from Standard & Poor Global. National and international coverage.


Assessing the Impact: A Cross-Industry View on the Impact of COVID-19 in China

This in-depth report from Kantar Consulting examines the impact of the coronavirus on China's economic health, with an emphasis on potential opportunities and weaknesses created by the pandemic.

COVID-19: Briefing Note - March 9, 2020
This report from McKinsey & Co. addresses the potential impacts of COVID-19 on American businesses, but emphasizes that the situation continues to evolve and that the situation may change.

Business Impact of the Coronavirus: Business and Supply Chain Analysis Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak
From Dun & Bradstreet. Focused primarily on business within the United States.