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AIDS Archive Walk: AIDS Archive Walk Event

A UC Merced Library & School of Natural Sciences Living-Learning Communities Collaboration

The Gallery

Inspired by the foci of the new School of Natural Sciences living learning communities--education, sustainability, health professions, and technology--and the House Fellows' interest in collaborating with the UC Merced Library in hosting an event for students, the Research & Learning Services and Access Services librarians have developed a museum-style gallery walk featuring items recently digitized by the Library for a grant-funded AIDS project. Armed with historical context about the early years of the AIDS health crisis and the importance of medical archives, students are invited to explore the materials and respond to questions throughout the gallery.

The aim of the gallery is to share how technology can increase access to historical information, highlight the role that archives play in learning about lived experiences, and, finally, introduce students to librarians who can assist them with their research needs while studying at UC Merced.

Featured Works

Debrief Questions

  • How did you feel walking through the gallery?
  • What did you learn today that you didn’t know before?
  • What can we learn from these types of collections? How is the experience of viewing them different from reading a narrative or summary about what happened during a specific time?
  • What do you think you will take away from the experience of viewing the gallery items?
  • Can you think of ways these items might remind you of other issues / topics that are happening currently? How might they relate to things that are happening now? What types of archives might we see in the future?


For information about planning & hosting the AIDS Archive Walk, contact: