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UCM Library Planning & Assessment: Research & Learning Services: 2012-2016

Area of Strategic Focus: Research & Learning Services

The UC Merced Library provides learning ‚Äčand research services that support faculty and student access to high quality information and help students develop as capable, independent researchers. 

Goals Status Resources Needed Challenges SAF Connections
Instruction and reference services to support academic needs. Operational: Assess, maintain, improve. Teaching & Learning Librarian (Assoc Lib); Research & Instruction Librarian (Assoc. Lib). Too few librarians to keep pace with course growth and potential faculty collaborations. All
Quality, targeted communications to increase awareness of library resources and services. Operational: Assess, maintain, improve. Communications Coordinator (LA); Outreach & Student Engagement Librarian (Assoc Lib.). Obtaining salary lines. Space. All
Integrated info lit course instruction model with WRI 10, as Assessment in Action program. Implement by 2015. Graduate Student Assistant (GSA). Finding funding to hire qualified GSAs. Sufficient campus quantitative assessment support for teaching/learning initiatives.
"Super tutors": peer educators with skills in writing, research, and feedback, w/campus partners. Strategic Aim. Implement by 2016. Staff time to train and supervise. Finding and funding qualified students. Hiring or training students across campus units.  TBD
Articulated information literacy outcomes for all academic programs in alignment w/WASC requirements. Implement by 2016. Staff time to do the work. Partnerships. Workload. Establishing collaborations with academic programs. All
Professional opportunities for grad students: mentoring, project management, research practices, data literacy. Implement by 2016. Funding to hire grad students. Finding and supervising grad students. TBD
Technology-based learning tools and evaluation of effectiveness for research and learning. Strategic Aim. Open timeline. Instructional Support Manager (Career Staff). Securing funding for this salary line.