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Writing 10 (Porter): Welcome

College Reading & Composition


By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • develop a strategy for searching in databases.
  • access full-text of peer-reviewed articles from databases.
  • capture citation information in MLA format.
  • identify people and services for getting assistance.

Library Services

Roving Reference - Peer Assistance

information iconLooking for information?

Our Rovers are ready to assist you with your library research questions.


 Monday  7pm - 11pm
 Tuesday  7pm - 11pm
 Wednesday  7pm - 11pm
 Thursday  7pm - 11pm
 Friday  2pm - 5pm
 Saturday  2pm - 5pm
 Sunday  7pm - 11pm

For more information, visit Roving Reference.


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Writing Center Pilot

Are you ...

  • developing a thesis?
  • organizing your ideas?
  • incorporating evidence?

Visit the Writing Center for an individual consultation with a peer.

Hours & Location

  • 12 pm to 3pm in KL 260

Appointments & Events

  • Two half hour appointments per week can be made at WCOnline.
  • Visit the calendar for upcoming Writing Center Open House events.

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