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Writing 101 (Toconis): Welcome

Writing in the Disciplines: Psychology

Pre-Session Survey Results


Find the Guide


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Learning Outcomes

As a result of this two-part class, you will be able to:

  • approach research more flexibly
  • identify the differences between original articles and literature reviews
  • select discipline-specific search tools
  • apply search strategies to improve search results


Thanks for your active participation in advance!

Class Session #1

  • Welcome, housekeeping, find the guide, check in re: pre-work
  • Approach research with an open mind
    • reflective exercise with partner
  • Distinguishing between lit reviews & original articles
    • comparative group exercise with large sticky notes
  • Selecting relevant databases

Class Session #2 (after pre-research)

  • Welcome, housekeeping, find the guide, check in re: challenges
  • Review keywords
    • individual highlighting & related words exercise
  • Reviewing search strategies (Boolean, truncation, quotes)
    • individual poll exercise
  • Free search time
    • librarian will hold a mini-consultation with each student
  • Survey

Instruction & Outreach Librarian

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Lindsay Davis
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