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Writing 101 (Downey): Welcome

Writing in the Disciplines: Psychology

What is psychological research?

CrashCourse (10:50)


By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • narrow your research focus and develop keywords
  • identify the differences between empirical and review articles.
  • find relevant empirical articles, literature and systematic reviews, or meta analyses using effective search strategies.


  • Reviewing different types of scholarly articles
    • Empirical, review, theoretical articles
  • Narrowing topics
  • Exploring databases
    • limiters, UC-eLinks/ILL, capturing citation information in APA
  • Identifying keywords and using search strategies
    • Identifying keywords
    • Boolean, truncation, phrase searching
    • Finding articles from a citation
      • We won’t have time to go over this in class, but it’s available on the guide: Searching > Known Items
  • Introduce questions to answer/ask yourself as you read articles when doing your research
    • #7 of your worksheet will help you get a head start when it’s time for your annotated bibliography
  • Getting help with your ongoing research needs
    • 24/7 chat, appointments, Roving Reference, Writing Center

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