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Spark 1 (Winek): Welcome

Spark Seminar: Defining a Generation

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Learning Outcomes

After this lesson, you will be able to:

  • use online sources to find demographic trends
  • select databases to use based on your topic
  • use search strategies to find peer-reviewed articles

Class Activity

Each of you has a Post-It with a number written in on it. This refers to the row you will be filling out in this spreadsheet.

Type your current research topic/question into Column A.


  • Welcome, finding the guide, writing research topics/questions
  • Brainteaser
  • Reviewing search strategies
    • Keywords
    • Boolean
    • Quotes
    • Truncation
  • Finding demographic and public opinion information online
  • VPN reminder
  • Selecting databases
  • Academic Search Complete
    • putting keywords together
    • using limiters for date, peer review
    • assessing results
    • finding citation information
  • Exploring your topic
  • Getting research help
  • Completing the survey

Instruction & Outreach Librarian

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Lindsay Davis
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