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Lindsay Davis - Instruction & Outreach Librarian: About Lindsay Davis

About Lindsay Davis


Master of Library & Information Science (2011)
School of Information, San José State University
San José, CA

Bachelor of Arts in History, minor in English (2008)
College of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, California State University Stanislaus
Turlock, CA

Presentations & Posters

Hernández, E., Godbey, S., Santiago, A., García, K., & Davis, L. (2016, Aug.). Reading about diversity: Developing and reflecting on inclusive instructional resources. Poster presented at the National Diversity in Libraries Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

Davis, L., Davidson Squibb, S., & McMunn-Tetangco, E. (2017, March 8). Assessing the value of library instruction using Qualtrics online survey software. Poster presented at the Assessment as Research Symposium, Merced, CA.

What does Lindsay really do?

Hi, I'm the Instruction & Outreach Librarian. I joined the UC Merced Library in June 2016.

I teach research skills; develop digital learning tools, research guides, and lesson plans; and provide help with research.

I also communicate about library services and resources to the programs in Student Affairs and help with planning New Student Orientations, Welcome Week, Bobcat Day, Preview Day, etc. I'm the co-liaison to the Social Sciences, including economics, public health, and management, as well as the liaison for Spanish.

I'm the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and a native to the Central Valley. I was the first in my family to attend college. I discovered librarianship when I was in college after taking a library resources class, but I didn't think a lot about it until my advisor, a sociologist, recommended I look into library and information science graduate school programs. Learning how to do academic research is a process, and I love helping students with their research. Please come see me or make an appointment if you need some help or suggestions with your research in English or Spanish.


Davis, L. (Forthcoming). Pass me Smore books, please! Promoting new books at a small community college library. In R.L. Sittler & T. Rogerson (Eds.), Library outreach cookbook. Chicago: American Library Association.

Davis, L., Park, J., Dantus, S., Davidson, C., Lafazan, B.C., & Petit, J. (2017, Dec.). Marketing for the beginner: Resources from the ACRL Library Marketing and Outreach Interest Group. College & Research Libraries News, 78(11), 612-15. doi:

Davis, L., & Kellam, L. (2017, June). Keeping up with...statistical literacy.

Instruction & Outreach Librarian

Lindsay Davis's picture
Lindsay Davis
KL 275

Professional Interests

  • Library instruction & information literacy
  • Education technology
  • Library marketing & outreach
  • Diversity & inclusion