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Lindsay Davis - Instruction & Outreach Librarian: About Lindsay Davis

About Lindsay Davis

What does Lindsay really do?

Hi, I'm the Instruction & Outreach Librarian. I joined the UC Merced Library in June 2016.

I teach research skills; develop digital learning tools, research guides, and lesson plans; and provide help with research.

I also communicate about library services and resources to the programs in Student Affairs and help with planning New Student Orientations, Welcome Week, Bobcat Day, Preview Day, etc. I'm the co-liaison to the Social Sciences, including economics, public health, and management, as well as the liaison for Spanish.

I'm the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and a native to the Central Valley. I was the first in my family to attend college. I discovered librarianship when I was in college after taking a library resources class and from the suggestion of my advisor who told my about graduate school. Learning how to do academic research is a process, and I love helping students with their research. Please come see me or make an appointment if you need some help or suggestions with your research in English or Spanish.

Presentations & Posters

Hernández, E., Godbey, S., Santiago, A., García, K., & Davis, L. (2016, Aug.). Reading about diversity: Developing and reflecting on inclusive instructional resources. Poster presented at the National Diversity in Libraries Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

Davis, L., Davidson Squibb, S., & McMunn-Tetangco, E. (2017, March 8). Assessing the value of library instruction using Qualtrics online survey software. Poster presented at the Assessment as Research Symposium, Merced, CA.


Davis, L., & Kellam, L. (2017, June). Keeping up with...statistical literacy

Upcoming chapter "Pass Me Smore Books, Please! Promoting New Books at a Small Community College Library" in the Library Outreach Cookbook (expected late 2017)

Instruction & Outreach Librarian

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Lindsay Davis
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Professional Interests

  • Library instruction & information literacy
  • Education technology
  • Library marketing & outreach
  • Diversity & inclusion