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Political Science 191 (Trounstine): Welcome

Senior Honors Thesis Seminar

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Access Library Resources from Off Campus

The VPN allows you to connect to the library's online articles and ebooks from off campus.


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Library Session Goals

You will be able to

  • have a greater understanding of the organization of information.
  • become familiar with ways to approach your research topic (bibliographies, subject searching etc.)
  • identify and navigate the library's website and databases to locate resources.
  • learn how to locate and navigate data sources. 
  • find known items based on citation information.

Using RefWorks

1. I am new to RefWorks.  How do I create an account?

Visit  Select “Log in from my institution”. Type in Merced.  Select University of California, Merced. Sign in using your UCMnetID and password. Since you are new to RefWorks, you will be asked to answer a couple questions before your account is created.

After your account is created, continue to log in using the institutional credentials login link.

2. I am an existing RefWorks user but I need to get started with the new version of RefWorks?

Login to your existing RefWorks account.  Look for the “Export” option at the top of your screen.  This will send your citations to the new version of RefWorks. 

.RefWorks Export Citations

After the export is completed, you can log in to the new version of Refworks by visiting: and selecting  “Log in from my institution”. Type in Merced.  Select University of California, Merced. Sign in using your UCMnetID and password. 

Library Instructor

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Elizabeth Salmon
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Many of the resources in this guide are taken from the utterly comprehensive American Politics LibGuide created by Jeremy Darrington, Princeton University Politics Librarian.