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Political Science 1 (Nicholson): Resources

Introduction to U.S. Politics

Assignment Information

assignment information

Find a Bill (Policy Proposal)

About Endorsers & Sponsors (Policy Origins)

Resources - News, Reports, Articles (About the Bill / Policy and Predicting Enactment)

You can filter CRS reports by Congress.

Congressional Publications - no citing functionality.

Newspapers on ProQuest platform - citing functionality available.  See "Cite" when you view a record.

Newspapers, magazines, journals etc. through the EBSCOhost platform - citing functionality available. See "Cite" when you are at a record.

CQ Researcher and CQ Weekly, listed below, are available through the larger CQ Press Library. Keep searches simply in these resources.

President Obama's Position (Predicting Enactment)

The White House - President Barack Obama

1) Go to Issues or the Briefing Room OR
2) Search the site with your search term site:.

About Congress (Predicting Enactment)

Public Opinion (Predicting Enactment)

iPoll provides the elements needed for a citation.  They provide it in one style (not identified).

Search Selected Think Tanks

This Google Custom Search box searches selected think tank websites.

If I add daterange:2455198-2456443 after my search terms, then this Google search will limit to items indexed after 1 January 2010.


Newspaper and magazine articles may refer to groups or think tanks that have an interest in a specific bill.  Consider searching for that group's website.

Some think tanks may be more right or left leaning and may have expressed opinions on a specific issue.  Limiting a search to or with your terms will sometimes surface these organizations.

Example: "net neutrality"

Consider looking at specific think tank site.  e.g. Rand Group, Brookings listed here.

Once at a site, look for About Us information to determine the ideology.  Often these sites will note where they are on the political spectrum (in their viewpoint).  When reading a group's publications, determine if there is a specific bias or ideology that is promoted. 

Formulate a Search Strategy


" " quotation marks to search for a phrase e.g. "net neutrality"

* to look for end variation on a word e.g. mortgage*

consider the date limiter, since your must look at a current subject of national political debate

AND to join dissimilar term e.g. "net neutrality" AND cost

OR to join similar terms e.g. "net neutrality" OR " "

Scan news for references to other reports, think tanks, etc.  bibliographies.

Specific Strategy:

  • combine bill initiator's name with the subject of the bill for magazine or news coverage e.g. Search in CQ Electronic Library for Bonamici AND "pay it forward"

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